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Earlier this year, Empower Retirement acquired the MassMutual retirement plan business. As a result, this site has moved.



Please bookmark the new URL for future use.

Effective on the closing date of the transaction, Empower Retirement (Empower) acquired the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company’s (MassMutual) retirement business. Through this transaction, business written by MassMutual is reinsured by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA) and in New York by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company of New York. Concurrently, MassMutual retroceded business it reinsures from a cedent, which MassMutual assumed in a previous transaction. On the closing date of the transaction, Empower will administer the business on MassMutual’s behalf, with certain administrative services being performed by MassMutual and its affiliates during a temporary transition period. Additionally, GWFS Equities, Inc., will be the distributor of the MassMutual insurance products sold on Empower’s platform. Empower Retirement refers to the products and services offered by GWLA and its subsidiaries. GWFS Equities is a subsidiary of GWLA and an affiliate of Empower Retirement, LLC; Great-West Funds, Inc.; and registered investment advisers Advised Assets Group, LLC and Personal Capital. Empower is not affiliated with MassMutual or its affiliates.

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